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Kali, the total eclipse of Badass Goddesses

It seems appropriate on the day of a total eclipse to talk about Kali, the badass Hindu goddess of destruction. Just as Kali destroys in order to clear the way for creation, eclipses symbolize endings and new beginnings. In ancient times, they were often described in apocalyptic terms, like a dragon eating the sun or foretelling the death of a king.

The myth of Kali

Kali, in Hindu mythology, is the powerful and fearsome goddess associated with time, change, and the destructive forces that precede creation and regeneration. Revered as a manifestation of the Divine Mother, she is depicted with a necklace of severed heads. Kali's name itself is derived from the Sanskrit word "kāla," meaning time, reflecting her cosmic role in the cycles of existence.

She is often shown standing over the lifeless body of Shiva, symbolizing the dance of creation and destruction, but Kali is not solely a force of malevolence; rather, she embodies the necessary and transformative aspects of the cosmic order. Her destructive power is seen as a means of purifying and renewing the world. In some traditions, she is also associated with protection and fierce devotion, particularly in her form as Dakshina Kali, who is believed to defend her devotees against evil forces.

The worship of Kali, often accompanied by rituals and festivals, is prevalent in Hinduism, especially in Bengal and other parts of Eastern India, where she is venerated as a compassionate and formidable deity embodying both the destructive and nurturing aspects of the Divine Feminine.

The artwork

A few years ago, I included Kali in my 2021 Badass Goddesses calendar and when I showed it to a friend, he got super excited and pulled up his shirt to reveal a massive back tattoo of Kali! His birthday was even in December, the same month as her calendar page, so he bought a copy on the spot.

You can buy prints, t-shirts, household items, stationary and more from my RedBubble shop with Kali and proudly represent the fierce elemental force of creative destruction for yourself.

You can also find my Badass Goddesses book on Amazon in Kindle, paperback and hardback formats.

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