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Badass Goddesses: The Art and Myth of the World's Fiercest Female Deities

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Badass Goddesses


February 2024

The world's mythologies are full of fierce, badass female deities. The art and stories here represent traditions from all over the world, including the Inuit, Zulu, Norse, Greek, Apache, Celtic, Japanese, Hawaiian, and other pantheons you may never have heard of. They represent the immortal feminine goddesses, demons, spirits and sirens of war, sorcery, healing, intoxication, death, rebirth, magic and much more. Explore the legends of Medusa, the Greek Gorgon whose head of snakes turns men to stone; Marishiten, the eight-armed war goddess revered by the Samurai of ninth century Japan; Sedna, the vengeful Inuit goddess who protects all the great creatures of the sea, among many others.

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