Pink Cigarettes – Tobacco done up in pink

Does Pink Sell Cigarettes?

The other day when I blogged about the pink Hello Kitty zippo, I was thinking – what next pink cigarettes. Little did I know that there was already a brand of pink cigarettes on the market. Pink Elephant is a brand of cigarettes sold in France. All the cigarettes are pink and have vanilla flavoring. Pink Elephants are not the only cigarette company to market to woman.

Kretek Imports’ Pink Dreams cigarettes target young women and teenage girls.

Pink Dreams

Camel No. 9, cigarettes, introduced in January 2007 are marketed towards women. While not all pink, these cigarettes come in a package that is hot-pink fuchsia and minty-green and clearly designed to attract young girls. A number of people have protested against the Camel No. 9 Cigarettes, which caused quite the controversy.

Camel No. 9

Pink is almost exclusively used to market girls. Now the tobacco industry is using pink to appeal to women.

Pink cigarettes

Dressed up in pink to kill.

11 Responses to “Pink Cigarettes – Tobacco done up in pink”

  • Curt says:

    “What next” is right! Now I’ve heard it all.

    I’m surprised though that they are vanilla flavored. You would think maybe strawberry, or bubblegum, or something like that.

  • Dani says:

    I could see how the Black pack with the pink border would appeal to younger women. The design looks… Uh, I don’t want to say it… Sorry, cool. Despite my analysis, I do not recommend cigs for anyone.

  • Bob says:

    Unbelievable, pink and flavored, and the cigarette companies keep claiming they aren’t trying to appeal to the young people, looks to me that they have a pretty aggresive campiange going on.

  • rocki says:

    I’m a smoker and yesterday tried the pink dreams, and the dreams jubilee. I gotta admit I love them. They are a lot lighter then newports with a sweet taste. They also have this sexiness about them when your smoking. The box draws attention. Even though I’m a fan of cigs, they do target teen girls. The pink dreams come in a cute box and are gold and pink. They look branded by victoria secrect. Every teenage girl wants to have them in their purse. And by being so sweet to taste a lot of teens will most likely smoke and like it. Parents will see these boxes and completely look over them. I didn’t even know they were cigarettes myself. Its sad, but for us women who smoke and are of age, there delicious!

  • Pink cigarettes eh? They look rather intriging to me! I guess the cigarette companies have to come up with new ways to push their products…but surely this is going to appeal to the teen market? Something’s not quite right there. I’m a 23 y/o smoker, but if I could go back to being a teenager I would never have started.

    I want a pink ciggie! ;)

  • Lauren says:

    Man these are soo good and sexy!!!!!!!!!!! I had one the other night and their way better then the newports i smoked im so switching!

  • B. Scott says:

    Don’t forget Sobranies… the Russians have been smoking pink cigs for quite sometime

  • Jade says:

    I think the entire Sweet Dreams line is aimed at women. The packaging is cute, and they seem popular among college age women. I tried the Camel No 9 and aside from the packaging, they’re not that special.

  • Alicia says:

    SOOOO cute ^.^

    The Camel No. 9s really make you feel like a girl, really make you feel sexy and cute when you are smoking, plus they taste very sweet and the box is kind of alluring if you leave just a little of that pink and black sticking out of a hip pocket or something. Very light as well so I can smoke more of them.

    They are so bad for me but I love them so much… =X

  • simin says:

    how can I buy these cigarettes online?

  • michelle says:

    where can i get these pink cigs from?..x x

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